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About Our Company


Training your pet is a critical part of responsible ownership.  Having a compliant dog or cat makes life easier, safer and more fulfilling for everyone.

But with so much training information available these days, knowing the right way to go can be so confusing.  Just a little bad advice can turn what should be a wonderful experience into a headache - and possibly heartache - for you and your pets.

That is why we have created Wholistic Woofers & Co.  We are a pet training company serving the Houston/Sugar Land, TX, area that embraces a holistic approach to behavioral training and enrichment.  We combine the latest in positive reinforcement training with client education in nutrition, environmental management and interactive activites to keep the lives of pets and their families balanced and enjoyable.


To help you find the right foods to enhance your quality of training, we bake a range of crunchy biscuits made from scratch as well as jerky-based goodies for meat-intense palates.  But even when you want to just celebrate your companion, we offer boutique-style cupcakes and small cakes that will leave your pet feeling blissful.

And because pets deserve to be shown off like prized members of your family, we provide pet photography services.  Our in-house photography is run by professionals with animal experience that can help you turn your vision of your pets into vibrant images like the ones you see throughout this website.


Get to know our founder

Vivian S. Tjeng

Practicing dog trainer, pet photographer & treat developer/artist


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Behavioral Training


stress free training

R+ Pet Training

Using a predominantly positive reinforcement approach, our trainers can help you find solutions to common pet behavioral issues.  Our methods strive to balance basic environmental management and the use of alternate cues to help your pets make appropriate choices in life, all the while building confidence and optimism for both you and your pet.


manners for company


Must-Have Focus and impulse control

sharp recalls


Baked Goods


Food For the Soul

Healthy Treats & Specialty Cakes


What your pets eat influences how they live and learn.  Therefore, we've made it our mission to provide your pets with natural treat options delivered straight from our kitchen to enhance performance and well-being.

And for special occasions, we bake up custom cupcakes and small cakes for both our canine and feline companions.  You can select from our basic designs, or you can work with us to design your cake.


 Training Treats

These high-value treats are made with organic ingredients where available and good-quality proteins from grass-fed animals. Available as meaty nibblets and jerky trail mixes.

Snacking Cookies & Biscuits

When offered as up to 10% of your pet's daily diet, these all-natural snacks are great for getting your pet through the day in a healthy way.  Dehydrated to preseve freshness without the use of artificial preservatives.

Cupcakes & Mini-Cupcakes

Our cupcakes and mini-cupcakes are perfect for small eaters and those just wanting a little taste of decadence.  Cupcakes sold as packs of 4 and 6, mini-cupcakes as packs of 6 and 12.


Celebrate your pet's special day with a cute little cake of their own!  Come in the same flavors as our cupcakes, but can be custom designed with orders one week in advance.




your pet's life in a Snap

Pet Portraiture

Every pet has a story to tell.  Our professional photography service can help you share his or her tale in visually stunning detail.

With animal-savvy photographers at our sister company Reverie - Photography by VST behind the camera, your pet will shine in any setting.  We offer several photo service options to meet your needs, with dozens of media products to choose from.


Self Portraits


Family Portraits


Engagement Sessions + Pets


Portraits for All Pets

The trust of a good friend is a privilege earned through mutual respect, solid communication and genuine concern for his or her wellbeing.
— Vivian Tjeng, Wholistic Woofers & Co.

In memory of the dog who started it all, Timothy Tjeng, 1999-2014.


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Though we make an effort to give you the information you need to get to know us and our services, we understand you may still have questions.  For more information on any of our services, please fill out the form below.  We will reply to your inquiries as soon as possible.  Thank you.

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